Tiny Home Financing and Insurance

While this may not be the blog post of most peoples dreams, financing and insuring a Tiny Home are massively important factors in the decision making process in whether to go tiny or not.  While we were going back and forth about the possibility of owning a Tiny Home, we found it really difficult to find good resources about financing and insurance.  While we are not experts, we would love to help answer any questions that people like us may also have.  Please feel free to comment with your own experiences in financing and insuring your tiny house. 

To begin with financing, it is important to share that we did not finance our home.  We wanted to live debt free, and that meant living mortgage free.  This did require an outlay of cash much larger than either of us had spent on anything in our lives, but some number crunching and basic financial planning enabled us to establish a budget that we were comfortable with. 

However, we did seriously consider taking out some sort of a mortgage …

Getting Used to Our Home

When we first decided to go Tiny, we were extremely excited by the idea of financial freedom, being able to move our home wherever we wanted to live, and simplifying our belongings.  However, it was not until our completion date was quickly approaching that we started going through our stuff that the stress of getting rid of so much truly set in.  In this post, we will tell you all the ins and outs of how our space (or lack thereof) has actually worked out.

I previously wrote about how great it was to reduce our possessions to the stuff we use and love most, but with full transparency, that was not an easy process.  In your twenty-somethings, it is really difficult to know what you will need down the road, and what is worth keeping for some unknown future purpose.  In order to convince ourselves that the fourth and fifth rounds of purging were completely necessary, we put an image in our own heads that we were crazy people that were moving into an oversized shoebox.  We also felt that…

First Day of Living Tiny: Chaos

Although we have been living in our incredible Tiny House for almost two weeks now, we honestly have not had a moment until now to breathe and keep everyone updated with our progress.  Over several blog posts, I will reveal many of the struggles and learning lessons we encountered, but the amount of drama in our first day with our home is arguably too long for this post alone anyway.

We spent the morning of March 1st scrambling to get supplies to be ready for the delivery of our house.  We ran back and forth between Walmart and a local RV Parts supplier, trying to find a power cord, heated water hose, and sewage hose that would meet our needs.  We had no idea what we really needed, so we were learning on the fly, pestering the builders at Mustard Seed Tiny Homes for information.  Eventually, we ended up with what we thought were the right supplies.

Our hauler finally pulled into our new neighborhood, Crown Villa RV Resort, with the ice-covered house behind a Ford F-450.  Almost immedi…

A Work In Progress: Update No. 6

Finally, after two months of being away from our build, we started our cross-country road trip to Oregon and stopped at Mustard Seed Tiny Homes near Atlanta to check on the progress.  With less than two weeks left before our home ships out, we were really excited to see all of the updates that have been made first-hand. 

Upon first impression, everything just looked clean and full.  That is a strange way to phrase a construction project, but there were no longer any exposed wires or beams.  With our couch being built and the bulk of the cabinet work being complete, all of our floor space that would be occupied was already filled, giving us a very real feeling of what the living space would actually feel like. 

Since our last update, the cabinet framework had all been installed, including our super-spacious, mattress-lifting, under-bed storage.  In addition to the cabinets, our metal railing, outdoor lighting, ceiling fan, and shower fixtures have all been installed.  Seeing these fini…

A Work In Progress: Update No. 5


A Work In Progress: Update No. 4


A Work in Progress: Update No. 3

The roof is up, and besides the paint and some exterior light fixtures, the outside of our house pretty much finished!The dark bronze metal roof has a sleek look to it that has a sheen finish in bright light, and a charcoal look in more subdued light.This roof will be great on snowy Central Oregon days, as snow will slide off of the slick surface quite easily.

As we walked through our glass front door, the changes in the interior were not obvious, but were very significant.  Just about all the electrical wiring, light fixture installation, and plumbing is complete.  The mini-split HVAC unit is also installed, easing my fears of the scorching summer day in Bend. 

The most productive aspect of this visit was meeting with the cabinet builder and finalizing our kitchen layout.  This was a huge relief, and the expertise of the cabinet builder was evident, as he recognized a few issues we had not foreseen and presented some really creative solutions.  He even came up with an idea to open up a…