5 Tips to Prepare Your Tiny Home for Winter

Just like that, we have gone from colorful leaves and cool nights full blast into winter.  Over the past two days, almost a foot of snow has fallen in Bend!  It seems like the last day it snowed this much was the day we moved in, back in March.  Back then, the snow and the cold temps brought to our attention to exactly how much us Floridians did not know about winter living as Tiny Home owners and how unprepared we were.  Looking back at our first couple of weeks in the house is quite comical now, but it was no joke at the time.  This post is intended to be educational in sharing our most valuable winter prep practices and products with you.

Water for a Tiny Home in the winter is kind of like a credit card.  If you keep it liquid, you are golden, but as soon as it freezes, it is a royal pain in the butt to resolve.  To be 100% honest, we did not even know heated hoses existed before moving into our Tiny Home.  We were truly starting from square one.  After getting our water connected,…

Looking Back: 6 Months of Living Tiny

Just like that, six months have absolutely flown by and all of a sudden we couldn't imagine living anywhere else except our Tiny House.  Over this course of time, there have been a comical amount of obstacles, yet somehow Adventure Abode truly became our home.  We have not posted to our blog nearly as frequently as we would like to, so we will use this post to share what it has been like adjusting to the Tiny lifestyle.

We have shared a bit about our struggles upon first moving to Bend in the middle of winter, having never slept a night in our home prior.  Our seemingly insurmountable list of issues included leaking water and gas pipes, a frozen water heater, water-logged countertops, and plenty of other minor issues which required repairs and attention.  As a result, I became pretty capable of fixing things, acquired a couple more tools, and got the opportunity to learn how our house works inside and out.  Although this experience was far from convenient, it was valuable to learn…

Adventure Abode Video Tour!

We have finally gotten around to creating a video tour of our tiny house.  Although we both feel awkward in front of the camera and my breathing in noticeably awkward behind the camera, we hope this gives you guys a good idea about how our house is set up, where we have storage, and how the space works for our lifestyles.  

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below!

3 Favorite Central Oregon Adventures (So Far)

It has been a while since we have posted to the blog, as we have been extremely busy with our new lives in Bend.  Summer is in full swing, which means we have been trying to get outside and explore as much as possible.  Although we would love to talk more about tiny living, one of the core reasons for why we decided to go tiny in the first place was to be able to spend more time outside.  

With that said, sharing our adventures with you guys is an integral part of our tiny living lifestyle.  In just the short four months that we have been in Central Oregon, we have already explored many lakes, mountains, and forests.  Below, we would like to share our top 3 favorite Central Oregon adventures so far. 

1. Snowshoe Backpacking Crater Lake

Lauren and I spent 3 days backpacking along the rim of Crater Lake, which still had over 9 feet of snow on the ground in late April!  We had a great time soaking up the sun, while catching stunning views pretty much everywhere we looked.  Although snow cam…

Tiny Home Financing and Insurance

While this may not be the blog post of most peoples dreams, financing and insuring a Tiny Home are massively important factors in the decision making process in whether to go tiny or not.  While we were going back and forth about the possibility of owning a Tiny Home, we found it really difficult to find good resources about financing and insurance.  While we are not experts, we would love to help answer any questions that people like us may also have.  Please feel free to comment with your own experiences in financing and insuring your tiny house. 

To begin with financing, it is important to share that we did not finance our home.  We wanted to live debt free, and that meant living mortgage free.  This did require an outlay of cash much larger than either of us had spent on anything in our lives, but some number crunching and basic financial planning enabled us to establish a budget that we were comfortable with. 

However, we did seriously consider taking out some sort of a mortgage …

Getting Used to Our Home

When we first decided to go Tiny, we were extremely excited by the idea of financial freedom, being able to move our home wherever we wanted to live, and simplifying our belongings.  However, it was not until our completion date was quickly approaching that we started going through our stuff that the stress of getting rid of so much truly set in.  In this post, we will tell you all the ins and outs of how our space (or lack thereof) has actually worked out.

I previously wrote about how great it was to reduce our possessions to the stuff we use and love most, but with full transparency, that was not an easy process.  In your twenty-somethings, it is really difficult to know what you will need down the road, and what is worth keeping for some unknown future purpose.  In order to convince ourselves that the fourth and fifth rounds of purging were completely necessary, we put an image in our own heads that we were crazy people that were moving into an oversized shoebox.  We also felt that…

First Day of Living Tiny: Chaos

Although we have been living in our incredible Tiny House for almost two weeks now, we honestly have not had a moment until now to breathe and keep everyone updated with our progress.  Over several blog posts, I will reveal many of the struggles and learning lessons we encountered, but the amount of drama in our first day with our home is arguably too long for this post alone anyway.

We spent the morning of March 1st scrambling to get supplies to be ready for the delivery of our house.  We ran back and forth between Walmart and a local RV Parts supplier, trying to find a power cord, heated water hose, and sewage hose that would meet our needs.  We had no idea what we really needed, so we were learning on the fly, pestering the builders at Mustard Seed Tiny Homes for information.  Eventually, we ended up with what we thought were the right supplies.

Our hauler finally pulled into our new neighborhood, Crown Villa RV Resort, with the ice-covered house behind a Ford F-450.  Almost immedi…